what is catgender?

a guide to catgender, written by catgenders, for catgenders and non-catgenders alike!

What is Catgender?

Catgender is a xenogender used by individuals who identify as/strongly connect with cats and felines. It is used to describe a gender that feels feline. Catgender individuals can still identify as a binary gender while being catgender. If someone feels female in a feline sense, they would be a catgender girl. Catgender was created by a mentally ill autistic individual to better define nya’s gender experience, but anyone may identify with catgender.

I don’t get it.

That is what this carrd is here for! Xenogenders are genders that are usually used by autistic individuals to better describe their gender identity. Neurodivergence heavily influences the way one experiences gender identity, thus, people who are outside the aspectrum may not understand an autistic individual’s concept of gender. The denial/rejection of xenogenders is ableist and transphobic.

what’s the flag mean?

The solid pink at the top represents masculine leaning catgender individuals, and the solid blue at the bottom represents feminine leaning catgender individuals. The light pink represents the feline/cat-like feeling that comes with being catgender. The light blue represents gender nonconformity, and gender nonconforming catgender individuals. The purple stripe in the middle represents unaligned catgender individuals.

In this version of the flag, the cat emblem represents unity and solidarity with other xenogender individuals.


-Species/Felinegender: A more specific catgender identity in which an individual connects their gender with a specific species of cat, such as Leopardgender or Caracalgender!
-Meowgender: A subgender in which an individual connects their gender identity with grown/older cats.
-Mewgender: A subgender in which an individual connects their gender identity with younger cats (kittens).
-Kitten/Kittygender: A subgender meant specifically for catgender individuals who practice (non-sexual) species and/or age regression that may also influence their gender identity. While it is not obligated for them to identify with it, it is still there for their comfort & use!

[ work in progress !! :3 ]

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